It’s your right to know what you are eating!

GMO(Genetically Modified Organisms) or genetically engineered foods as they are also referred to are being introduced at an ever increasing rate into the world’s food supply. Often under the guise of increased crop yields, pest resistence, faster growth etc.., these foods with very little long term studies supporting their use in human crops from a safety point of view are being literally forced on unknowing consumers. The combined lobbying efforts of corporate “Big Food” and their legislative lobbying partners have all but paralyzed the efforts in not only California but many other states throughout the nation. In the US, federal labeling legislation, mandating the labeling of all GMO containing foods have been stalled by corporate lobbying and in California a more recent bill AB88 has been stalled in the Appropriations Committee repeatedly. Your state and federal goverments have both decided that for the time being, it isn’t in your best interest to be aware of what you are eating. You have the right to know what you are eating and to help get a state mandate to label all foods sold in California, I encourage you to visit and sign the petition for their 2012 Ballot Initiative Campaign.