Welcome to Dr. Dreyer’s Practice

We’re excited about the opportunity to share with you the many ways in which Dr. Dreyer can support you in your quest to live a life of health. For it is great health that provides us with the necessary springboard to a great life. A life full of opportunities, devoid of the limitations imposed by ill health. Dr. Dreyer’s practice is a unique integration of Chiropractic, Orthopedics, Orthotics, Sports Care, Nutrition And Functional Medicine, Stress Management, Exercise Rehabilitation, TMJ care, Injury Prevention and Ergonomic counseling. Dr. Dreyer’s practice philosophy is referred to as “Patient Centered.” A patient centered focus ensures that every patient’s uniqueness is both celebrated and considered during all phases of care.

It has long been a desire of Dr. Dreyer to create an atmosphere where patients can be treated in a truly “Holistic” manner, where egos are put aside and patients come first. While Dr. Dreyer’s extensive training and experience from 22 years in practice allow him to efficiently evaluate and treat a very broad range of conditions, it is his strong belief that it is often necessary to work with other highly skilled health care practitioners in a health care team approach. For this reason, Dr. Dreyer has established strong working relationships with a network of highly skilled and like-minded local health care providers to which he can consult with should the need arise.

Your first visit is one of exploration, where your history and examination are taken patiently and in detail. This ensures that your health concerns are taken seriously, evaluated thoroughly and your questions answered fully. Thriving on the difficult to handle cases and interested in creating solutions for his patients that encompass both the traditional and alternative models of healthcare, Dr. Dreyer believes that health care should encompass, proper nutrition, exercise and life style habits that support and nurture great health. So if you care enough about your health and are ready to take control, let Dr. Dreyer lead the way.

Chiropractic Orthopedics

Our goal with Chiropractic Orthopedics is to preserve and improve the function of bones, muscles, joints and their nerves from threats from defects, environment, injury, aging, overuse or disease.

Only doctors of chiropractic who have successfully completed the prescribed courses in postgraduate chiropractic orthopedics, and who hold a valid certificate of graduation, are allowed to use the term “Chiropractic Orthopedist”.

Dr. Dreyer combines Chiropractic manipulation with specific myofascial release techniques to reduce scar tissue formation and improve a healed result from a muscular strain injury. Additional therapies include Ultrasound, EMS in the form of Interferential Electrical Stimulation, Micro-Amperage electrical stimulation, and Infra-Red Heat Therapy are used as needed.