“I have been a police officer for 15 years and Dr Dreyer at Newport Spine and Sport may have saved my career. In 2008 I fractured my femur in a motorcycle accident. Every since the accident, I’ve been sitting and walking around in pain. I forced my HMO doctors to do more x-rays because I knew something had to be wrong. Those x-rays revealed a nonunion fractured hip socket! The HMO doctors that I trusted with my life didn’t diagnose, treat or even tell me I had it. To make things even worse, they said it probably wasn’t the source of my pain and didn’t want to do anything about it.”

“A friend of mine said I should go see Dr. Dreyer at Newport Spine and Sport, so I did. Dr Dreyer was honest with me right up front. He said he thought the fracture might be the problem but was willing to work with me to get a better evaluation. After several visits, he told me he thought the fracture was the originating source of all my pain and recommended that I go see a surgeon who specializes in that kind of fracture outside my HMO’s network. That information is probably going to save my career because upon seeing a hip specialist at UCLA, I was told that the fracture was causing my pain and it could be fixed! So off to surgery I go.”


In addition to great honest advice, Newport Spine and Sport was a great place to go and receive treatment. Everybody there is extremely kind, there is no waiting around and the treatment is very hands on. I highly recommend it to anyone.”

Jon R., Yucaipa, CA


“I was always skeptical of going to a chiropractor, but Dr. Dreyer came highly recommended from a good friend of mine who has gone to Dr. Dreyer for years.  My friend was right – Dr. Steven Dreyer is an amazing professional that takes the time to fully evaluate your problems and provide holistic care.  He is also great at explaining what is going on with your body and how simple things can help alleviate your pain.”

“During my initial visit, not only did Dr. Dreyer explain how my injury was leading to specific symptoms, but he also took the time to show my how adjusting my posture, how I stand and how I sit at work could alleviate some of my pain and symptoms.  Just these few little things made a world of difference!

The thing I appreciate most about Dr. Dreyer is the genuine care and concern he has for his patients.  His goal is to help you alleviate your pain and live a fuller, healthier life.”

Michelle M.,  Long Beach


“Dr Steven Dreyer is amazing.  I have been to chiropractors before no won could fix the problem I was feed up with see doctors years ago Until I got in a car accident. I was referred two Dr Steven and let me tell you he knows his stuff and the right way two work on you. its not the same old thing each day. He assist the problem every day differently so your getting some one who really looks at what is going on. Your not just another number and he really really cares for his patients.

After going two him I would never go two any one else but him. I can do things I could do since I was 19 years old.  He open all my pathways and changed my life.  I was hesitate to let people know about him. I was afraid I would never get another appointment again, But I believe in the man and no one should have two suffer.  You would be crazy not two go see him ask only for Steven Dreyer. he is a miracle worker.”

Michelle H.


“After ten doctors and being dismissed by most of them, I brought a pile of MRIs and x-rays to Dr. Dreyer and asked if he could help. You will never find a doctor that will listen and take the time with you to deliver superior health care like Dr. Dreyer. He cares about quality, not the quantity of patients seen, and obviously passes up making a lot of money to see fewer patients and give excellent care. He has a professional network of orthopedics and neurologists he can refer you to when the chiropractic approach is exhausted. After a full evaluation he referred me to a neurologist and CAME TO THE APPOINTMENT! The problem was finally found. If you have a problem no one else has been able to figure out, bring it to Dr. Dreyer and be ready to actually spend time with your doctor. He is sadly a rare find in today’s world of heath care professionals.”

Catherine L.,  Newport Beach


“Dr. Dreyer has helped me in so many ways. I am training for a triathalon and quickly was injured, due to low arch support. Right away Dr. Dreyer noticed how I did not have proper support in my shoes which put a lot of stress on my hips, knees, and lower back.  Through careful coaching and his knowledge, it helped me excel and get back to training.”

“As a former triathlete himself, Dr. Dreyer gave me a lot of informative tips on how to train to keep your body heatlhy  and active. Dr. Dreyer is not only personable but very informative. He is very well educated, experienced, allows all questions, and helps you understand: what is going on, why it is, and how he can help to get you back to being active. He most def. has an extensive knowledge and  experience background in chiro.  As Dr. Dreyer’s patient, you can tell he LOVES  what he does and does everything he can to help you be the best you can be!! I would highly recommend Dr. Dreyer, you will not be disappointed. He will help you!”



“Dr. Dreyer is an outstanding, professional and knowledgeable medical expert with chiropractic, orthopedic work and adjustments. After sustaining a severe neck injury (sprain/strain), Dr. Dreyer was the only doctor that provided me with excellent and full medical care, which included consultations, examinations, adjustments,deep tissue and muscle work as well as rehabilitation exercises. I only trust Dr. Dreyer to adjust my neck, which provides immediate pain relief and mobility. For several years, Dr. Dreyer has directly helped me to strengthen and rehabilitate my neck and upper back so that I have less pain and need for adjustments.  He is genuinely invested in ensuring his patients feel better and get better so that we can lead active and healthy lives. Thank you, Dr. Dreyer!”

Tammy B., Laguna Beach


“I have been a patient of Dr. Steven Dreyer’s since May 2010, originally seeking treatment for severe neck and back pain.  I had never been to a chiropractor before, so I really did not know what to expect and was nervous about having my neck adjusted.  Upon meeting Dr. Dreyer though, he immediately put me at ease.  He took great care in evaluating my condition, and educating me as to what was going on with my neck, back and my posture.”

“Dr. Dreyer started with deep tissue and electrical stimulation, gently adjusting my back, and then my neck so as to help me feel more comfortable.  Within a short period of time, and with consistent treatment, mobility has returned to my neck, I am virtually pain-free, and my posture has noticeably improved.  

With each visit, Dr. Dreyer also continues to evaluate my overall health by spending time talking with me.  As a part of these ongoing conversations, Dr. Dreyer initially suggested that I might benefit from a personalized nutritional analysis, consisting of an adrenal stress test, dietary and supplement evaluation, and health history.  Dr. Dreyer then made specific recommendations for bio-identical hormone therapy and nutritional supplements, as well as easy to incorporate dietary suggestions.  I am so glad that I followed his recommendations.”

“The immediate and continuing improvements to my overall health under Dr. Dreyer’s care have been dramatic.  I have more energy than I have had in months, and I have never felt better.  

I highly recommend Dr. Dreyer to anyone that is tired of being tired, and ready to invest in themselves by learning how to live a healthier lifestyle via his expertise and guidance.”

Jennifer L., Huntington Beach, CA


“I came to Dr. Dreyer with severe neck pain, poor neck mobility, and almost daily migraines. Through the use of various tools, such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, tissue work, and gentle adjustments, he has not only significantly reduced my pain and improved my mobility, but his work has also given me incredible relief from my migraines.”

“Dr. Dreyer tailors his work to the needs of each patient with the kindness and knowledge that bring comfort when a patient is in pain. I am truly grateful for the effort he continues to expend on my well-being, and I highly recommend his services, especially to those who may be unsure about the benefits of chiropractic care.”

Pete A., Irvine,CA


“After ten doctors and being dismissed by most of them, I brought a pile of MRIs and x-rays to Dr. Dreyer and asked if he could help. You will never find a doctor that will listen and take the time with you to deliver superior health care like Dr. Dreyer. He cares about quality, not the quantity of patients seen, and obviously passes up making a lot of money to see fewer patients and give excellent care. He has a professional network of orthopedics and neurologists he can refer you to when the chiropractic approach is exhausted. After a full evaluation he referred me to a neurologist and CAME TO THE APPOINTMENT! The problem was finally found. If you have a problem no one else has been able to figure out, bring it to Dr. Dreyer and be ready to actually spend time with your doctor. He is sadly a rare find in today’s world of heath care professionals.”

Carol M., Newport Beach, CA

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Results Are What Matters

Dr. Dreyer and one of his patients

Communication is Key

Ultimately it is the results that count. A great doctor must have the ability to effectively communicate with his patients. By listening, I am able to incorporate all the important information about an individuals history that is affecting their health today and to guide them to effective treatment that will result in achieving health and vitality..

Paul Davies recommends Dr. Steve Dreyer

I have known Dr. Steve Dreyer for over two years. He has treated me for shoulder and various other injuries, which I found very helpful, and he has been equally helpful to other members of my family, including my wife, Catherine. But, what really impresses me is his deep knowledge of so many aspects of health and preventive healthcare and his ability to effectively communicate this knowledge in a way that is understandable and that encourages us to take action to improve our health.

For example, Dr. Steve is very knowledgeable about nutrition, including recent research on what constitutes a healthy diet and how you can be tested to determine what nutrients you may be low on. He has the equipment and know-how to perform these tests and then outline recommendations for foods and supplements you can take to correct the deficiencies and achieve a more healthful lifestyle. He also has a deep knowledge and understanding of physical therapy and exercise programs appropriate for patients of various ages and with various injuries or physical limitations.

Instead of relying primarily on physicians and specialists who offer the two alternatives of surgery or pharmaceutical drugs, why not focus on correcting the causes of injuries and chronic illnesses rather than merely treating the symptoms? I have found that Dr. Steve can help you discover the most important changes you can make to achieve health and vigor. In the final analysis, you are the one most responsible for your own health. Let Dr. Steve be your guide.

It’s your right to know what you are eating!

GMO(Genetically Modified Organisms) or genetically engineered foods as they are also referred to are being introduced at an ever increasing rate into the world’s food supply. Often under the guise of increased crop yields, pest resistence, faster growth etc.., these foods with very little long term studies supporting their use in human crops from a safety point of view are being literally forced on unknowing consumers. The combined lobbying efforts of corporate “Big Food” and their legislative lobbying partners have all but paralyzed the efforts in not only California but many other states throughout the nation. In the US, federal labeling legislation, mandating the labeling of all GMO containing foods have been stalled by corporate lobbying and in California a more recent bill AB88 has been stalled in the Appropriations Committee repeatedly. Your state and federal goverments have both decided that for the time being, it isn’t in your best interest to be aware of what you are eating. You have the right to know what you are eating and to help get a state mandate to label all foods sold in California, I encourage you to visit labelgmos.org and sign the petition for their 2012 Ballot Initiative Campaign.

Chocolate Slaves – How buying the wrong Chocolate supports Childhood slavery.

Chocolate. Its semi-sweet flavor leaves its consumer with a hunger for more. But everything comes with a price. But while the chocolate may only have a price of $2.95, its emotional cost is much greater. The Ivory Coast supplies the world with 40% of its cocoa supply. Over half of that percentage is produced by child slaves. These children are abused and neglected, working from sun-up to sun-down, with little to no pay in return. And while many people do not care about how their chocolate is produced, the end of child slavery in cocoa farms on the Ivory Coast needs to become a bigger issue because it damages the economic balance of the Ivory Coast and ruins the futures of thousands of children.
“The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.” In the words of Stanley Lebergott, this statement could not hold more ground than it does describing the economy of the Ivory Coast. But this rich and poor conflict is coming at the expense of thousands of children, causing economic imbalance. For example, with the ever growing need for cocoa beans, a recent study has stated that the world cocoa prices “have fallen almost 24 percent since 1996, from 67 cents a pound to 51 cents ( Chatterjee and Raharan, Vision.ucsd.edu).” With a sudden increase in the need for cocoa beans and such low prices, farmers resort to child slavery for cheap mass labor. This causes the profits of farmers who use child slaves to increase and those who don’t adhere to this practice lose money. Overtime, this creates an economy of extremes: extreme wealth and extreme poverty. This is just one of the many reasons why child slavery in cocoa farms on the Ivory Coast needs to become a bigger issue within our society.
According to UNICEF, a non- profit organization that deals with worldwide issues, half of a million children are currently working on cocoa farms across the Ivory Coast. This means that there are half of a million children who aren’t going to school and learning. Instead these children are working relentlessly under harsh conditions. For example, in a photographic article describing and depicting the lives of cocoa farmers and their child slaves, a young boy was shown in a photograph working in a cocoa farm carrying a heavy bag of cocoa beans. The caption stated that “Sami Sery, age 7, works in a cocoa grove owned by his uncles in the village of L’Ssiri. Sami does not go to school (Christian, Money.cnn.com).” He is just one of the many children whose future has been ruined by child labor. And with the all-to-real difficulty of becoming well educated that already exists in West Africa, children who are enslaved have almost no chance. Many previously enslaved children have grown up to become prostitutes or drug abusers because of their lack of an education. This is just one more reason that until this becomes a prevalent issue within our society, the futures of these children will continue to turn to dust.
Even though there are many people who agree that this should be a bigger issue in our society, there are also many who don’t care where or how their chocolate is made. They are the ones who say things like “I don’t care, I just like chocolate” or “why should I care?” But, the real question is why should you not? For example, in an interview with a stockbroker regarding the origin of the cocoa beans he was buying, he stated he “didn’t know, didn’t care ( Kum- Kum Bhavnani, Nothing Like Chocolate).” All he seemed to care about was whether or not he made a profit. Is that what society has come to? Have we become so blinded by greed that we have lost compassion for ones as innocent as children? This case of child slavery should become a bigger issue because it is causing harm to the next generation. These kids are the future and possibly the rescue that our world needs. Ending slavery would give them a chance to be educated and break the cycle of poverty.
Everyday, children are put through awful circumstances just to give us as simple of a treat as chocolate. A treat they never even get to taste. Child slavery in cocoa farms on the Ivory Coast should be a bigger issue within our modern day society because it’s ruining the futures of so many children and causing economic disruptance. To end this injustice, it will take an army of thousands, but it can start with you. Take the first step. Spread the information to anyone who will listen. Or take it a step further and buy Free – Trade chocolate, chocolate that is produced without child slavery. Together, we can finally end this horrible injustice.


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Waking up with a stiff neck?

Are you waking up with significant neck stiffness on a daily basis? Your pillow may be the culprit. Your neck or cervical spine should have a nice flowing forward curvature called a lordosis, which bends in an opposite direction from the backwards or kyphotic curvature in your mid-back or thoracic spine. One way to look at the neck curvature, is to compare it to the shape of a bow used in Archery, with the string facing backwards and representing the muscles of the back of the neck and the curve of the bow facing forwards and representing the bones of the cervical spine.

Your pillow is often the source of neck pain because of it’s shape. If it’s a traditional pillow with the thickest part in the center, then there is no support offered to the center of the curve of the neck, which is supported by the outer portion of the pillow. In fact, the thicker the pillow the more the head is pushed forward, resulting in a flattening of the neck curvature. When this happens, the neck muscles become activated and tighten in an attempt to maintain the lordotic curve of the neck. When this occurs over the course of the multiple hours that we sleep, the muscles of the neck become fatigued and will result in soreness in the morning. As much as we try to position the pillow directly under the neck by scrunching it up with our hands, we soon lose this position of support after we fall asleep and start moving.

The answer might be a shaped pillow or “Cervical Pillow”, as they are called. These pillows can be very effective in eliminating morning neck stiffness, because they cradle the head in a slight depression in the center of the pillow and support the neck with increased bulk around the edges of the pillow and more importantly under the neck.

While cervical pillows, such as my favorite the memory foam “Tempur-Pedic Pillow”, can be a terrrific solution for morning neck stiffness, caution must be used when there are serious neck problems present. As a Chiropractor who actively treats neck pain, I have seen patients with certain types of neck conditions get worse with shaped cervical pillows. Namely, extensive degenerative joint problems and cervical disc problems can at times be aggravated by the type of support offered by these pillows. So if you have either of these types of conditions involving the neck, a quick consult first with your Chiropractor before choosing your pillow is your best bet.
Sleep well my friends!

Is your bed causing your back pain?

While a soft pillow-top mattress might vary well be the bed you fell in love with at the mattress store, it might also be the one causing your back pain. When a mattress is too soft it will sag under the pressure of your body weight, leaving your spine to struggle to feel supported. This saging causes a “hammocking” effect where the hips and rearend, as well as the abdominal region sag lower than the head and the feet. The result effect is a progressive tightening of the paraspinal muscles of the back, in an attempt to straighten the spine.

When this happens, the paraspinal muscles or large muscles that run parallel to the spine become fatigued and began to ache. This will cause you to toss and turn frequently during the night and quite often leaves you with the tell tale sign of the morning stiff back.

As a Chiropractor, one of the first couple questions I ask patients with low to mid-back pain is how firm their mattress is and do they awake feeling sore. Another side effect of a soft mattress is poor sleep due to not only the pain but the need to wake up to turn the body from side to side on a soft mattress. A firmer mattress will allow you to roll side to side naturally while in a deeper state of sleep and not make you wake up slightly to more consciously turn oneself from side to side.

Remember, when selecting a bed, go as firm as you dare and avoid the overlying cushy pillow top mattresses. Happy Dreams