Healthy Food OptionsPersonalized Nutritional Care

Add years to your life and dramatically minimize your exposure to disease by understanding and controlling what you put into your body. Staying healthy in today’s toxic environment is a big challenge and at the core of it is proper nutrition. Unfortunately, most people are very confused about what they should be eating, how food affects them, and what supplements they should be taking, The answers are different for each individual and with the guidance of Dr. Dreyer, you can be on your way to a long term healthier lifestyle and reaching your goals of

  • Wellness
  • Body Fat Reduction
  • Athletic Enhancement
  • Cholesterol Reduction
  • Diabetes Control


A minimum one hour face to face appointment with Dr. Dreyer. During this appointment the following things will be accomplished:

  1. Review of all current supplements and medications taken, with special care to determine if any negative drug-herb-vitamin interactions are occurring. Review of a Diet Analysis, to assess the normal daily nutritional habits of the patient. A 3-7 day Diet Diary will be taken by the patient prior to the consultation visit.
  2. Review of the results of an online subjective symptom survey to be provided to the patient and completed via the internet prior to the consultation via secure online registration.
  3. Review of Adrenal Stress Survey
  4. Health History Performed
  5. Development of specific health goals for the patient.
  6. Vitals taken and will include Height, Weight, Heart Rate, resting Blood Pressure
  7. Body % Percentage taken via Futrex Near-Infrared Light Interactant Laser System
  8. Biophotonic Scan –This non-invasive 90 second palmar skin scan will quickly assess the absorption of important anti-oxidants from normal dietary intake.

At the conclusion of the examination/consultation, any special laboratory testing that would be necessary would be discussed with the patient and test kits would be provided. If adrenal stress is indicated Salivary Hormone Profile testing would be recommended and non-prescriptive Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Instituted. Any recommendations for prescriptive hormone replacement would be detailed and co-managed with the patients primary treating medical physician.


Regarding supplementation specific recommendations will be made as to appropriate types, brands and levels of OTC and physician supplied supplements to be taken by the patient. Specific Bio-Identical Hormone supplementation would be provided to the patient


A multi-page report summarizing the findings of the nutritional consultation/examination and the results of any recommended functional laboratory testing would be provided to the patient within two weeks of the lab results being returned to the doctor’s office. This report will create a workable customized master nutritional plan for the patient.