Paul Davies recommends Dr. Steve Dreyer

I have known Dr. Steve Dreyer for over two years. He has treated me for shoulder and various other injuries, which I found very helpful, and he has been equally helpful to other members of my family, including my wife, Catherine. But, what really impresses me is his deep knowledge of so many aspects of health and preventive healthcare and his ability to effectively communicate this knowledge in a way that is understandable and that encourages us to take action to improve our health.

For example, Dr. Steve is very knowledgeable about nutrition, including recent research on what constitutes a healthy diet and how you can be tested to determine what nutrients you may be low on. He has the equipment and know-how to perform these tests and then outline recommendations for foods and supplements you can take to correct the deficiencies and achieve a more healthful lifestyle. He also has a deep knowledge and understanding of physical therapy and exercise programs appropriate for patients of various ages and with various injuries or physical limitations.

Instead of relying primarily on physicians and specialists who offer the two alternatives of surgery or pharmaceutical drugs, why not focus on correcting the causes of injuries and chronic illnesses rather than merely treating the symptoms? I have found that Dr. Steve can help you discover the most important changes you can make to achieve health and vigor. In the final analysis, you are the one most responsible for your own health. Let Dr. Steve be your guide.