Football Running BackDr. Dreyer is an avid sports enthusiast having competed for years in area Duathalons, Triathalons, cycling events and in competitive sailing. Because of this experience and his ongoing education, Dr. Dreyer brings a vast knowledge base in the treatment and prevention of sports injuries and nutritional support for athletes to his practice. Dr. Dreyer incorporates highly specific motion oriented soft-tissue work to improve range of motion, and help athletes get back in the game.


Dr. Dreyer at US OpenOur sports taping technique called SPRT (Specific Proprioceptive Response Taping), and seen on many professional athletes, is a technique that has been refined in our office over the past 15 years. Designed to help prevent and reduce trauma to over used muscles and joints due to repetitive motion or the impact from sports. This technique is being used with great success on not only the professional athletes competing at the highest levels of competition, but with our non-athletes as well.


Corrective Exercise DemonstrationWithout strength conditioning, simple natural movement patterns that we do everyday such as bending, squatting, lunging, twisting, pushing and pulling even light weight objects can cause injury.

Part of ever patient’s treatment care should include a Custom Corrective and Strengthening Exercise Program. After a full body evaluation including postural exam, strength assessment, flexibility and range of motion testing, and gate and movement patterns analysis, Dr. Dreyer can design and train you in a specific, easy to follow, exercise program to help keep you functioning at your best.